Handcrafted Facial Sculpting and Double Chin Reduction


About ManuSculpt

ManuSculpt revolutionizes face and chin sculpting through manual techniques that have lasting regenerative effects. Unwavering commitment to holistic well-being and attention to detail has kept ManuSculpt at the forefront of facial sculpting. Setting itself apart, the practice employs exclusive hand techniques for facial fat reduction.

Today, ManuSculpt remains true to handcrafted facial rejuvenation. Dedication to continuous education ensures ManuSculpt consistently pushes the boundaries of what facial sculpting can achieve.

Who is ManuSculpt for?

ManuSculpt is the perfect technique for people looking for a more natural approach to reduce their double chin or sculpt a defined jawline. No injections, machines or scalpels means no scars and minimal risk. This specialized manual technique is best suited for individuals who are generally in good health, are not significantly overweight and aiming to contour rather than lose weight around the face and chin.


How Does ManuSculpt Work?

With ManuSculpt, the body’s natural healing abilities are activated to achieve remarkable results. ManuSculpt provokes an intentional inflammatory response within the targeted tissue, triggering a regenerative cascade similar to micro needling. By creating deliberate damage in the fat layer, the body’s natural healing mechanisms are stimulated. 

Through inflammation, blood flow and increase in oxygenation, fat is slowly metabolized and released from the area. As the area regenerates, fat reduction becomes evident, and the skin gains a healthier, smoother appearance thanks to elastin and collagen synthesis.


When it comes to fat reduction techniques, it’s important to understand the philosophy behind achieving lasting results. Studies have shown that one year after liposuction, the body tends to regain fat in untreated areas, potentially leading to unexpected changes in body proportions (fat redistribution). Permanent fat reduction means removing adipose cells in the treated area, but it does not guarantee that fat will never be deposited there again.

Our bodies are dynamic, requiring fat for many essential processes and are constantly adapting to our lifestyles. Fat reduction should never replace an active and mindful approach to exercise and nutrition. We are energy beings, and the balance between energy intake and expenditure is crucial.

Non-permanent fat reduction methods are often gentler on the body and may help avoid the risk of fat redistribution in the long term. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, these methods can be highly effective for long-term reductions. ManuSculpt works in harmony with your body’s natural metabolic processes, assisting in burning existing fat and supporting increased local cellular metabolism to help keep the fat off.

Unlike liposuction, ManuSculpt techniques do not damage adipose cells. Instead, it aids in emptying their contents, allowing for a responsive reaction to repeated treatments in the area. While most permanent fat reduction procedures are invasive and carry risks such as infections, scarring, and Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH), ManuSculpt’s natural non-permanent reduction methods involve minimal risk.

You can expect some temporary swelling, redness and tenderness, but generally, there is no need to take time off work and full recovery is under a week. ManuSculpt prioritizes safe and effective non-permanent fat reduction methods that work harmoniously with your body, empowering you to achieve your desired goals.